“We are all in this together. We need each other. Oh, how we need each other.”

(Marjorie Pay Hinckley)

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Passing this information on to you:

TO READERS OF RLMW. I received this email and am passing it on to you. Perhaps you, or someone you know, would be interested in participating. I am not endorsing this, nor do I know these people personally, I am just passing on the information. Proceed at your own risk:

Hi there - I am in writing to you in hopes of posting on your page. My name is Patti Karnes and I am working on a documentary series about women and religion. For the series we are featuring women in their 20's who have converted to a religion they had not grown up with. We are interviewing women who are either in the process of converting or have recently converted (within last year) to hear what called them to their new path, how is has changed their life and how it has changed their relationship with God. I have attached a posting that we have been sending out. We will be featuring all religions and are currently searching for 2 Women in the Mormon faith to interview. If you have any questions please feel free to call me anytime - thank you! Patti 267-221-7313

Seeing the Light: 20 Something's share their stories of conversion.

For many women as you reach your 20’s you begin the process of creating the building blocks and choosing your path in life. Questions emerge and hopefully are answered - which career will you chose? Will you marry and have children? Where will you live? What is truly important to you? This may also be the time you reflect on what it means to have a higher power in your life and what tools does religion provide you in having a relationship with God? More specifically have you chosen a religious path that is different from the way you were raised?

What does it mean to become Mormon? What are the core beliefs of the faith that match your own? What was the driving force that called you to the church? How has this choice impacted your life? And how has converting or thinking about converting changed your relationship with God?

A new docu-series pilot is delving into these questions and is looking for women who have chosen Mormonism. If you are in the process of converting or have recently converted then they are looking for you!

If interested in sharing your conversion story please email contact below.

Patti Karnes
Watercooler Casting