“We are all in this together. We need each other. Oh, how we need each other.”

(Marjorie Pay Hinckley)

Long overdue honest social media.

" . . . the lesson of the stolen bike."

"In future years I think this story will come to be known, at least by me, as the lesson of the stolen bike.
"Previous to this moment I had experienced silly trials and challenges that left me feeling wronged and frustrated. I've always tried to live a good life, be nice, do unto others as I would have done, you know,the usual contributing member of society kind of deal. So to have any kind of set-back always seemed unnecessary and unfair. I was never very quick to turn to God, it was a lot easier to just try and fix it myself...or so I thought.

"While serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, I was given another one of those moments to try my patience and my faith. Arriving home from church one Sunday, my
missionary companion and I abruptly halted in front of the stairs
leading to our apartment and just stared at the place where our bikes were once stored that was now completely empty.

"As missionaries we relied quite a bit on our bikes, they were our
common mode of transportation and they were too expensive to replace
at that point in our missions. I felt sick, and numb, and shocked all at once. 

"I've realized that in the midst of a challenge it's hard to see the
'why' and I'll admit, in that moment it was a very easy question to
ask myself--why me?? But in this case, as I stared at the now empty
space, I did something different than in times past. I stopped asking why, and I started to pray. I prayed for strength, clarity, a way to make this situation better; anything and everything I could petition from heaven.  

"No immediate miracle occurred, no sudden solution came, but an answer did; and with it a valuable lesson was learned: The Lord will spare no expense, waste no opportunity, nor pass by any chance to teach us to turn to Him. He should be our first response team, our right-hand Man, the Person we go to for everything.

"I don't think The Lord got my bike stolen, but He did turn it into an opportunity that allowed me to turn to Him and a lesson I would need for future times to come. I know that my Savior loves me, and is aware of me; and I have learned through lessons of a stolen bike that in the strength of The Lord I can do all things."